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Tell us a little about yourself, how many years have you been involved in music? What have been your musical influences over the years?

II started playing the piano at school, long before discovering electronic music. I attended my first techno party when I was 18, at the legendary Club “La Real” in Oviedo (Asturias).

At that time, the best techno artists were playing there every weekend. Spanish artists like Mulero, Pepo, Cristian Varela, Angel Molina…. and international such as Surgeon (who dedicated a track to the club) Richie Hawtin, Joey Beltram, Claude Young, Dylan Drazen, Ben Sims, DJ Rush, British Murder Boys,…

I was very lucky to live this golden age of techno. This music touched me so much, but I didn’t think about working on it , because I was living with my parents and I was studying “Computer Engineering” so it was not something that even crossed my mind. A few years later, when I was 32, I started playing music and producing.

In 2022 I went to India on tour and started to listen to Psytrance and also got to know the Indian Culture that inspired me so much. I love pulsating Psytrance basslines, Gate effects, trippy vocals, atmospheres and the spirituality of the Indian tradicional music and mantras.

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We know that this December 29th will be the first release of your label ”Psycho Recordings” with your own EP ”They Blame The Computers”, what motivated you to take the step of creating your own label?

When you start producing and sending music to labels, you realize that in order to fit in you have to make a specific style and that limits your creativity. Besides, sometimes a label schedule your release in 6 months - 1 year and it’s a bit disappointing, because maybe in one year you have evolved and you are making another type of music and it doesn’t make sense for you to release these tracks. I wanted to have the freedom to release music without having to fit into a certain style and agenda. It doesn’t mean that I will not publish music on other labels, in fact I have several releases next year on labels that I love: Dusk Records, Expel your Demons, No Mercy,…

But having your own label gives you the freedom to release “whatever you want” (give your most personal vision), whenever you want.

In the future I would also like to publish music from other producers close to the style. (Psychedelic and Trancy Techno).

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What was the main inspiration behind this upcoming release? Talking about the creative process, how did you approach the production of this release? Were there any specific challenges you faced during the process?

I get ideas from phrases and texts I hear and touch me or either I like them for their sound. For example, I have a track made with a speech by Alan Watts who is a British philosopher, in other tracks I have Mantras, voices and sounds from old movies… For “They Blame the Computers” I remember watching Björk’s legendary interview talking about computer made music.

(Björk: “People tell me that electronic music has no soul and they blame computers… If there is no soul in music it is because no one put it there.”)

At that time electronic music was something new and many people criticized and rejected it…. I found Björk’s way of speaking so honest and clear, with that unique, slightly childish voice, so I included it in the track: “They Blame the Computers” that is also the name of the first EP of my own label “Psycho Recordings”. One part of that interview is included “as it is” in the track (her voice without any effects) because I want it to be understood, but I also play with the vocal to make grooves, I think it has a very special vibe. I hope you like it!

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How does this upcoming release connect with the identity and vision of your new label? What impact do you think this release will have on the label’s musical identity?

I went to India to play techno several times since that first tour in 2022 and I attended raves and Psytrance parties and got more and more into this style. Without a doubt, the music scene in India and its culture have influenced my music and that diversity is reflected in my new productions. I also have a couple of events coming up in India where I’ll play Psytrance for the first time and I am very excited, especially because they are in Goa, the place where Psytrance was born in late 90s.

Starting a record label is exciting, although it can be a complex job. Could you share some experiences about the challenges you have faced and how the response has been so far?

I’d been thinking of starting my own label for a year or more and it looked complicated but at the end, it’s not.

There are many details to have in mind while creating a label, and tasks such as finding a distributor, a mastering engineer, a designer for artworks, and also the promotion: setting up the promo pool and running a media campaign, premieres, etc.

It’s very exciting when you send the promos to DJs and receive your first supports. In my case, I’ve had feedbacks from Amelie Lens, Sylvie Maziarz, Acid Asian, Aida Arko… so I am very happy with the response. I really hope you enjoy it!

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