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Welcome Gabriel, in Uruguay, especially in the capital scene, you are known for sharing the DJ booth with renowned artists throughout your career. What can you tell us about your journey in the artistic world and when did you take the first steps towards your development? Is there any particular date or collaboration that has left a mark on you?

It’s a pleasure for me to be part of this interview cycle, thank you very much for having me. I am very happy and grateful for everything I have gone through, and I feel that I still have much more to live and experience.

I started my career as a DJ in 2016 after spending a lot of time being very meticulous, trying to go out and show myself to the audience with a refined and high-quality sound.

I have had two key dates that have left a big impression in my career. The first one was RESISTANCE at Velodromo Municipal sharing booth with Carl Cox, Pan-Pot, and DJ Detected. I think this was the one that marked me the most because it was the first gig where I could perform, and the challenge that entails, standing in front of 5500 people and the responsibility of delivering the DJ booth to those beasts.

And the second gig that marked me the most was Crobar Tent w/Adam Beyer. It was a much more emotional experience, being able to share the stage with my ultimate reference Adam Beyer at a magical festival, being able to meet him and share with him after so many years of following him, undoubtedly one of the most epic moments I’ve experienced.


How did the idea of ​​creating “Área T” as a party and event production concept come about?

Área T is a production company founded by Martín Costas, Enzo Monza, and myself. The project emerged from the desire to have our own space where we can present and showcase our music. It reflects where we are musically, our ideas, and serves as our way of contributing to the scene in our country and to the people who have supported us for several years now.

Additionally, it allows us to bring in artists who represent similar values in the region and worldwide, fostering connections with individuals who share our passion for music. Our musical concept leans towards groovy and danceable Techno; we enjoy seeing people always dancing and enjoying the rhythm and melodies.

You are planning to launch ‘Area T’ record label along with your colleagues Enzo Monza and Martin Costas throughout this year. What is the plan to take a stance in the music scene and what style do you propose for it? Do you have planned releases?

This year we have decided to launch our own record label, AREA T MUSIC, focusing on Techno sound. Initially, we will release a compilation featuring various South American artists who have been producing great tracks globally, aiming to unite the sound of Latin America to make a strong impact. We are very excited and have high expectations for this launch. The label will release EPs on a monthly basis, as well as compilations and special editions simultaneously with our events.


How do you think the techno scene has evolved since you started your career compared to the present?

I feel that the scene has grown a lot, but nowadays there are few Techno proposals. That’s exactly why the concept of creating a venue where our preferred techno sound is consistently played emerged. I believe that the Techno scene and electronic music will continue to grow and establish more and more as part of the culture. Nowadays, the vast majority of young people attend or have attended electronic music parties, and from what I see and believe, we will continue to grow in numbers!

We would like our audience to know more about your upcoming projects besides those mentioned earlier. Is there anything in particular that you have in mind and would like to develop in the coming years?

My plan going forward is to expand internationally, so I have several goals in mind to achieve that.

I’ve also been exploring various sounds, not just Techno. I like to be versatile, so I’ve been preparing several releases of new tracks in different styles. Therefore, this year I’ll be releasing a lot of new music.

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