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How long ago have you started your artistic career?

I started as GrooveANDyes in 2013, producing and playing deep house. Before that, I was a saxophonist and recording/mixing technician for various bands in a small city in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Initially intrigued by the music played at events I attended, I delved into creating my first songs, utilizing my software and melodic skills. As Ableton gained popularity, I transitioned to it for all my productions. During those years, I also organized my own events, performing and inviting other artists, which motivated me to create more music for my shows.

What were your musical influences?

Since GrooveANDyes project began, I’ve been drawn to the dark deep house that was popular at the time—slow tempos and rich atmospheres— songs that truly convey emotions captivated me. However, my earlier influences stem from rock, jazz, funk, and similar genres where winds played a prominent role. Anyways, I appreciate all music genres, some more than others, but I’m open minded in a way that I recognize the unique elements in each one and appreciate these. Music’s subjectivity is one of the gifts of art that we must preserve.


Did you notice any significant changes in your career when you moved to Spain?

A few days ago, I realized that out of my 10-year career, 5 were spent in Argentina and the remaining 5 in Spain. The change has been immense personally, with various factors contributing to my growth as an artist. Connections, people, proximity to artists and venues—all aiding in navigating the music industry. If you ask me which place is better, being in Europe may seem preferable, however, Argentina boasts an incredible scene. Artists who make it there perform regularly, travel to nearby countries, and live the real DJ life, a goal I aim for, sharing my music with an expanding audience. Sometimes is hard to take this place in the European music scene or get good bookings, given that the greatest Techno artists often take the spot on the majority of gigs and clubs. While being in Argentina, I’ve had the opportunity of travelling to USA, Canada, Ukraine, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, among other countries in the region, touring through South America more often than while being in Europe, where can be more difficult to get convenient flights.

In this era where everything is digital marketing, how did you adapt? Did you use any strategies?

I’ve always been interested in digital aspects and marketing. Aside from music, I’m involved in business projects where I’ve applied marketing strategies. Although I’m not keen on speaking in front of the camera or using humor for self-promotion, I prefer focusing marketing on promoting the music and its artistic essence. I’ve built a team of designers and videographers who joined me, ensuring high-quality content. Providing diverse, high-quality content is, in my opinion, the best approach.


Tell us about your label; What is the concept, and what is the sound aiming for?

GET EXPRESSION is my current label where I focus on releasing all my productions. I decided to establish it after being disheartened by certain aspects of the music industry while releasing my music. Having my own label allows me to choose what, when, and how to release my music, bringing me genuine happiness. GET EXPRESSION embodies my sound—strong and solid beats, progressive melodies, cinematic sounds, and celestial harmonies. Each release reflects my vision of telling stories, conveying sensations. In 2023, we began organizing events in Barcelona under the Get Expression label, with great attendance, and during 2024, we plan to host more events, inviting other artists to share nights of cutting-edge music in Barcelona.

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If you want to add something else, what would it be?

I will soon be presenting a new show format, where, in addition to using all my songs, I’ll perform live with instruments, creating a new performance. This entails significant preparation and rehearsal, and I hope to share it soon. I also want to express my gratitude for the opportunity and greet the entire team, as well as those who took a moment to read this interview. Thank you very much!