United States

How many years ago did you started playing techno?

I’ve been in Techno for almost 5 years as a DJ since I started my career in early 2019. But as a raver, it’s been several more years.

What musical lines do you prefer to play?

Currently, I identify myself 100% with Classic, Raw, and Hypnotic Techno. I’ve changed my tastes over time. Initially, I played Acid Techno. Then, I discovered the world of Tekno and was fascinated; Acid Core, Mental Tekno, Tribe. Styles with high BPM but with zero heavy sounds. Now, it’ s been a while since I returned to what I liked before becoming a DJ. I started lowering the decibels over the years, enjoying less accelerated and more ethereal music.

Why did you choose to be a Techno DJ?

I’ve always liked Techno. I enjoyed its strength and intensity a lot. However, as I grew up and changed, nowadays, for example, after training with vinyl mixing and listening to many House records, I don’t rule out the possibility of performing with that genre. I feel that each stage of my life is expressed through the musical style I choose at that moment.

What do you hope for the future of the music scene?

I love seeing how the careers of many women have grown. How they are daring more and how our role within the scene has changed. Also, nowadays, I see (including myself) that many artists are taking this work more seriously, not so much from the party side but more from a cultural and enriching perspective. I see many projects that seek to differentiate themselves and offer new things to the audience. That seems great to me.

Who is your favorite DJ or reference inspiration?

As top references, I could mention Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Robert Hood, Derrick May, among other crucial figures in history. Then there are artists who blow my mind, like Fabrizio Rat, who does an incredible live performance with his piano and more. I also really like the music Michel Lauriola makes, and that’s why he is currently my production teacher. It’s his sound that I aim for, and I’ve truly learned a lot from him. As for life inspiration, I enjoy listening to Jazz while doing anything. It gives me a lot of peace.

Do you have a favorite track?

I’m not sure if I have a favorite song, but a couple of songs come to mind that drove me crazy when I saw their videos on MTV when I was a kid, and they still give me goosebumps. For example, “Galvanize” and “Hey Boy Hey Girl” by The Chemical Brothers. Going more into my musical tastes in general, I love 80s music. A song that I love so much is “Come Undone” by Duran Duran (it’s from the 90s, but the band’s songs in the 80s are beautiful in general). “How Soon is Now” and “There is a Light that Never Goes Out” by The Smiths. Well, “Love Song” by The Cure. What a beautiful song. I could keep naming songs that I love to listen to over and over again. I love New Wave in general. From Argentina, a song that I love is “Trátame Suavemente” by Soda Stereo.

If you want to add something else, what would it be?

I would like to tell artists who are starting this career to educate themselves, to study, not to get tired of exploring. It’s a beautiful journey, and before you know it, you’ve learned a lot. Don’t get discouraged if you see that your career has ups and downs. Every artistic career is like that, and you have to put in effort and strength if it’s really what you want to do. Finally, thank you for this interview. It’s always nice to be able to convey and express what you think and feel. And even nicer that people are interested in getting to know your work and yourself :)