United States

How many years ago did you started playing techno?

Since I was 18 years old so this year would be 8 years, time flies.


Why did you choose to be a Techno DJ?

I think techno caught my attention because It reminds me a lot to rock, a genre I always liked since I was a kid.

What musical lines do you prefer to play?

Techno Raw Hypnotic

Who is your favorite DJ or reference inspiration?

I don’t have a favorite per se, but I really like the sound of the PoleGroup artists.


What do you hope for the future of the music scene?

I have no opinion on the matter.

Do you have a favorite track?

CV is dead - Oscar Mulero

If you want to add something else, what would it be?

I’m going to steal Gotshell’s words as he said, remember that a good artist is a good person,

because if you are not a good person you will never be a good artist.