United States

How many years ago did you started playing techno?

6 years


Why did you choose to be a Techno DJ?

IIt was 2016 when I attended my first Creamfields. Everyone was in their own world, happy and harmoniously dancing to the techno beats. It was at that moment when I said, “Someday I’ll be up there.” Over the years, as I evolved with my music, my vision changed. Unfortunately, you don’t often hear that music from the past in today’s clubs and techno is more than just low frequencies, percussion and sounds. The essence of old techno has been lost and that’s why my vision changed to one of education, as long as the listener is willing to listen and trust the DJ’s lyric.

What musical lines do you prefer to play?

When I have a techno act I prefer to play old techno (90’s and ‘00’s), “minimal techno” and “industrial”.

What do you hope for the future of the music scene?

I hope that the future doesn’t get influenced by the “mainstream” or “popular” sound that is been heard in clubs or parties nowadays, because that doesn’t represent the essence of techno.

If you found a subgenre of techno that resonates with you, be fell to your style and focus on creating your sound different to the rest. Don’t let anyone to tell you which style you have to produce. Produce the music that get out of your heart.

I also think that there must be events that help the new generation to build their dj reputation and at the same time teach the audience about the different styles of techno that exists.Unfortunately is an industry in which the risk is high if the party doesn’t meet the expectations and wishes of the audience.

Who is your favorite DJ or reference inspiration?

My favorite DJ is Ricardo Villalobos. There has been no other DJ that has had such a great impact on my life as he has. His unique style transitions seamlessly between house and techno. Moreover, his productions are truly unique, just like his music selection.

I had the opportunity to listen to him live in the Netherlands and I can say that his set was an unforgettable experience of darkness and soundscapes. His lyric is honest and with a lot of character. As a DJ and producer, Ricardo Villalobos is, without a doubt, my idol.


Do you have a favorite track?

Audio Werner - Drum & talk

If you want to add something else, what would it be?

I want to thank the FusionUY/ES team for giving me the opportunity to share my point of view and experience in the industry. It is admirable to see how there are fans of electronic music who want to not only support their local scene, but also influence and support the DJs of the future generations.