United States

How many years ago did you started playing techno?

I have been in Techno world for 2 years as an artist but as a consumer and fan of this music genre, I would say I have been enjoying it for about 10 years.


Why did you choose to be a Techno DJ?

I chose to be a Techno DJ as I delved deeper into the music studio, searching for new music, reading and creating sets. Over time, I realized that this genre was the one that made me feel most comfortable and authentic. By mixing and creating with Techno, I feel that I can impart my personality without prejudices, as its magnetic and sensory nature fits perfectly with who I am.

What musical lines do you prefer to play?

My preferences lean towards Melodic Techno, a subgenre that offers a wide range of variants. Personally, I am attracted by its magnetic, metallic, energetic (groove) and dark style. Also, on many occasions, I like to mix it with elements of the indie genre, as by selecting the right lines, very interesting fusions can be created.

What do you hope for the future of the music scene?

I hope that the Techno music scene continues to grow and evolve. As time goes by, new artists always emerge with fresh and interesting proposals that keep the essence of this genre alive. The possibility to keep discovering new sounds excites me a lot.

Who is your favorite DJ or reference inspiration?

My musical style is based on mixing different styles to create a unique one, which leads me to have several favorite DJs and inspirations. Some of them include Joris Voorn, Marc the Pulse, Yulia Niko, among others.


Do you have a favorite track?

Yes, my favorite track is “External” by Shall Ocin. This particular track manages to perfectly capture the essence I love about Melodic Techno and never ceases to amaze me.

If you want to add something else, what would it be?

As a lover of Techno and music in general, I am always looking for new ideas and inspirations. I believe that music is a powerful form of expression and connection between people, and my goal is to keep exploring and experimenting to create unique experiences for my audience and myself. Music is a constant journey that never ends, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for me in this exciting DJ career.